About Me

I'm Roddy Munro. A keen iOS developer, photographer and traveller in my spare time. I am a full time Software Engineer at Citrix, having recently completed my Computer Science degree.

I have various iOS applications on the App Store - check them out below, and be sure to give feedback! I am always looking to improve both my apps and programming skills.

iOS Apps


Plate-It was created to fulfil a need that other apps don't. I collect North American license plates, and I had no efficient way of storing which plates I had, and which ones I still needed. On multiple occasions, I've found a license plate in a store somewhere, but I had no idea if I already had it! Plate-It has prevented this from happening again.


Space Monkey Madness

Space Monkey Madness was my first ever game. Originally created in 2014 using Objective-C, Space Monkey Madness was re-created in 2016 in the Swift programming language. You have to avoid the alien onslaught, and collect all of the rocks in space. A simple, yet addictive game!



Katachi is a brand new Augmented Reality (AR) game for iOS. It was programmed in Swift, using Apple's ARKit and SpriteKit frameworks. Featuring several tiers - with 20 levels in each - players must look around their physical surroundings in order to find the shapes that fill the given grid.

For those who don't have an iOS device that meets the requirements to run ARKit-based apps, a non-AR mode is also available.